Young people also pay taxes in Mexico

Tax payments should no longer sound so far away when you start your working life, as have tax obligations can not comply provoke consequences of which would probably not know or in your youth or another stage of your life.

You’ve probably heard terrible stories about the proceedings before the Tax Administration Service (SAT), and while the tax authority provides more facilities for those who start as taxpayers, it is necessary to have the basic information to make this process less tired.

The importance of RFC

The first step to take paying your taxes is to have your Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC), a name you know the SAT for the process of paying taxes and other procedures in several government agencies.

To find out if you already have (SAT) RFC or to start to process the application, with your Unique Population Registration (CURP) key you can start the process on the website of the SAT, which have to conclude any Local Administration Taxpayer Service within 10 following the submission of the application, which will have to carry a birth certificate or proof of CURP, proof of address, personal identification and folio it is given to pre-register days.

What are your obligations?

Identify the regime to which you belong is critical because this will depend on what you have to declare and pay the SAT, how to take your accounting, the basis of your statements and other specific obligations. The regime in which you unique depend on two factors: your type of work and your income.

The main schemes are employed, in which individuals who receive wages and other benefits derived from a work available to an employer are; Fee (professional services), who provide professional services independently to companies or individuals; lease of property, in which those who rent room estate such as houses or apartments, and perhaps less common for young people, the business activities and tax incorporation are located.

Furthermore, experts stress the importance of keeping your current data. For example, although when you begin working’re freelance or salaried, then you may decide to take your own business. When this happens, your system will change, and your tax obligations.

Also, the SAT usually send notices, so it is important that if you change your address also update your legal address, as failure to do so could not find out these notifications.

Complying is not difficult if you are informed

Paying your taxes it is often seen as a difficult process. It need not be so if you have the correct information:

Check if you are already registered. To check if you are already in the database of the SHCP, go to the page of the SAT and the search query CURP Y RFC. It is important to know, because it is the name that you will be recognized for tax payments.

Keep updated your information. For requirements or warnings, it is important to have updated tax domicile and your obligations under the regime you are. If you cannot locate SAT for something important notice, it can be worse.

Get  your electronic signature. This digital file identifies you when making online transactions. To deal with it, presents in any office SAT original or a certified copy of a valid official identification, CURP certificate and original proof of legal address; if you joined the RFC, with CURP Internet.

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