Plumbing Tips: Don’t Do That! Do This Instead!

There’s nothing wrong with a little DIY plumbing as long as you limit your experiments to the occasional leaky faucet and clogged drain. But there are a few things to remember before you attempt to solve problems on your own; because, when it comes to plumbing, over enthusiasm can be disastrous.

  • Don’t use over-the-counter drain cleaning products. Instead, use baking soda:

Those over the counter drain cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for pets and children. They can also damage the protective lining inside the sewer pipes. Those expensive liquid gels won’t work either. And if they do, it’s just enough to allow the drain to clear – the problem isn’t solved completely. Instead, mix four parts of boiling water with half a part of baking soda and half part vinegar, and pour this mixture down the drain. If the problem persists, call the plumbing Company at Phoenix.

  • Don’t begin any plumbing project, however minor, without knowing the plumbing system:

Even for something as small as replacing the kitchen sink faucet, you ought to locate the shutoff valves and know what they control. You should also know the location of the main shutoff and the quickest way to get there if things go wrong.

  • Don’t use a chisel when you need a hammer:

Before you begin a DIY project, make sure you have the right tools. Using the wrong tool isn’t safe and you may end up damaging what you’re working on. Also, it can be frustrating to stop halfway through the project, only to realize that you don’t have a key piece of equipment and have to run to the hardware shop.

  • Don’t skimp on the annual plumbing inspection:

Don’t save a penny only to lose a dollar! A regular plumbing inspection can help identify problems before they cause significant damage. An experienced plumbing repairman looks for leaks and sediment buildup, checks water pressure, and more.

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