The longer wider harder wood floors from Germany

One basic but important decision you make during renovation or even building a home is when you are choosing a flooring. There may be a lot of options to consider from carpet to terrazzo, but the most widely used are wooden floors. There may be plenty of products to choose from, but what is important is its durability and performance.

One of the toughest oak flooring on the planet is from Lindura Wood Flooring. This flooring creation is from MeisterWerke or Meister. This is a family owned and operated floor designing company from Germany, Which has 200 registered patents available. All are developed in-house.

Lindura is environmentally friendly

Most of its products are highly made from raw materials that are environmentally friendly, materials used has an ample amount in nature which will not easily run out and it actually replenishes itself.

Wood Powder Technology

Wood powder technology was first invented by Välinge, a Swedish based company, but Johanne Schulte has seen the benefits that this technology could offer so he further developed the system for a larger amount of production of the powder. That makes him as the first innovator in the mass production of the powder.

Combination of wood powder technology and real wood cover layers

By developing another technique, which is called “intelligent structure” Lindura became the toughest oak flooring on the planet. This type of development is a combination of real wood layers and wood powder layers. This product is combined with pressure and heat that creates a solid seal that cannot be broken, once the process is complete it is naturally oiled by Weartec Nature Surface. Products are often tough, pleasantly warm to the foot, resistant and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry if there will be dents on the floor after wearing heels or putting on heavy objects because Lindura products are built tough, durable and easy to clean. The fusion of innovative technology and natural raw materials provides a captivating product that offers floors that are based on wood powders.

Quality of Meister

MeisterWerke gives priority on the important details of their product, and together with the dedication of their engineers in producing quality floors the company receives such honor as the toughest oak flooring on the planet.

You have several variants to choose from including Clay Grey Rustic Oak, Cappucino Oak, Rustic Oak, Olive Gray Rustic Oak, Golden Brown Oak, and Liverly Smoked Oak.

Meister Warranty

Though Lindura wooden floors have high-quality in terms of appearance and durability, the company is giving their customers 20 years warranty on their product, according to MeisterWerke warranty conditions.

The Blue Angel Seal

All floors of Meister are produced with Blu-Angel seal, this is known as the world’s first and well-known award for environmentally friendly products and services. You can be sure that all components that are used in this product are low -emission and all ecological.

Lindura guarantees top performance. The look of Lindura wood planks helps create a perfect rustic setting or help give accent to modern interiors. Through its lifetime, these tough wood floors gain sheen and maturity and that makes them perfect for rooms with heavy wear.

Whether you are a homeowner, designer, or a contractor looking for the toughest oak flooring on the planet, Meister Lindura will meet your criteria. Check out the Wood4Floors collection of this great product from Germany.

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