Invest in an Heirloom

The value of solid wood furniture in today’s chip board world cannot be overstated. You will notice the different immediately, the moment you see a beautiful piece of hand crafted furniture in your home side-by-side with a lesser quality item. If you are assembling your purchase, you will feel the difference in the structure from the biggest piece down to the smallest detail. Solid wood furniture may be a pricier option in home furnishings, but it is an investment you won’t regret.

There are a huge variety of options available today in the furniture market for someone looking for beautiful, classy options to bring into their home. Many woods are responsibly sourced from forests that are replanted and maintained by the furniture companies themselves. For someone looking to “go green” real wood furniture can actually be the best way to do so. Increase your home look with Shed door Plans.  Particle board furniture is cheap, yes, but it’s also not going to last you very long. All that waste just winds up in a landfill somewhere, and although it may feel like plastic, the particles are still made of wood, and that wood comes from somewhere. It may not feel as “green” to purchase furnishings made out of real, beautiful wood, but in many ways you are preserving much more forest when you do.

Another fun aspect of an attractive wood piece is the ability to change it over time. You can always make a project out of a piece that is made of high-quality wood; stripping and re-staining it or adding embellishments and trim. A wood piece takes on character with age, and as long as it gets the tender loving care it needs, its colors and quality will only deepen with age.

Your beautiful furniture will also be heirlooms in your family for years to come. Not many grandkids want grandma’s college desk with the wobbly drawer and the back panel that fell off. But they will always remember doing their homework at your beautiful oak desk, or playing on your daybed with the cherry headboard. We don’t like to think of it, but someday we’ll be antiques, too, and our stuff will be worth something because of it! Why not purchase the kinds of furniture that will bring you real lasting pleasure, and provide joy and memories to generations to come?

So get shopping for some beautiful, high quality wood furnishings. You won’t regret it!

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