While remodeling of bathroom many accessories are needed to give the neat and tidy look. It depends on the budget, and size of the bathroom that what type of accessories for the bathroom in use nowadays. These includes

  • Bathroom accessory set includes bottles and jars in which toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shaving gels are placed. Sometimes used to place combs and brush or another related thing.
  • The soap dish is important as if soap is placed without any dish it can melt easily. So always place soap in dish or plate especially made for it. Usually, it has small holes whichallow extra water to drain from it.
  • Soap dispenser bottles are used for liquid soap. They are easy to manage and handle.
  • Tissue cover box is used to keep tissue roll or box dry. As the bathroom is a wet area, a single drop can spoil the whole role.
  • Curtains make the bathroom look attractive and beautiful. Light color curtains hanged give the washroom a spacious look. shower curtains are used to separate bath area from the toilet
  • Toothbrush holders are good to keep a toothbrush in one place and cover helps to avoid contact with insects.
  • Shower caddies and baskets are useful as one can place shampoo, lotions, scrubs and other bath related accessories in a single unit.
  • Hardware set allows hanging clothes while using the bathroom.
  • The toilet brush is necessary to keep the bathroom It can clean the space between tiles.
  • The dustbin is very important part as it seems dirty if diapers, waste tissues are discarded on the floor. So to have aclean environment of bathroom place the dustbin with lid inside the washroom.

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