Design Museum in Beijing 

the world’s first exhibition hall committed to roses has opened in beijing. outlined by NEXT planners, their engineering configuration is characterized by the smooth stainless steel envelope that is wrapped around the working with an example of chinese roses cut out from the surface.

the limits amongst inside and outside are obscured

‘the rose historical center plans to make another design for china, in which history and advancement, craftsmanship and engineering mix,’ clarifies NEXT draftsmen china accomplice jiang xiaofei. the opening corresponds with the world rose tradition, in which the occasion will be facilitated inside the historical center and more than thirty nations will take an interest. the 100 section of land rose stop will grandstand 2,000 types of the bloom which likewise has a long history in chinese culture going back to eleventh century B.C.

to grandstand this history and the way of life of roses when all is said in done, the exhibition hall is secured by a punctured stainless steel façade measuring 300 meters. this confined skin makes four half open yards between the façade and the primary building; the rose example making a continually changing play of light and shadow. the association is reminiscent to the customary chinese walled-off patios and around evening time the building transforms itself where the façade illuminates and extends shadows of the blooms outside.

the segregated skin makes four half open patios between the façade and the primary building

all through history, the walled yard program typified customary chinese design and culture; it turned into the ‘perfect model’ to encapsulate social and the concordance between man, house and nature. the semi-straightforward dividers draws in with the encompassing space, as opposed to the strong heart of the historical center building. john van de water, accomplice at NEXT planners, remarks: ‘the primary test with the rose historical center was to locate a cutting edge chinese personality for a building which essentialness is so profoundly established into chinese culture.’


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