Choosing a Benchtop that is Right for Your Kitchen in Melbourne

The benchtop is often regarded as among the most important areas of a kitchen.  It is used nearly daily, be it for cutting vegetables or massaging milk.  For that reason, it is important to make sure the benchtop you use is durable and easy to maintain.  The appearance shouldn’t be overlooked as well.  As it is among the very noticeable fixtures in a kitchen, the benchtop generally dictates the styling of the remainder of the space as well.

Luckily, benchtops are available in many different layouts and made with numerous materials with each material using its own advantages and disadvantages.  By understanding more about all the options available to you, you’ll be able to select one that satisfies your requirements.

The most popular benchtop materials in Melbourne is granite

The best granite products are made from a single piece of stone that gives it a seamless finish.  It is extremely attractive and quite simple to maintain as well.  The hard nature of the rock makes it resistant to breaking and chipping.  It is also offered in a variety of colors and designs.  As it is a natural rock, you might not get a uniform design on the benchtop.  However, this adds to its general appearance.  Granite benchtops need to sealed and treated to make sure they are resistant to staining and the rise of bacteria.

Quartz is another pure material that’s popular in Melbourne

They are available in a wide assortment of colors ranging from dazzling white to muted neutrals.  Most quartz countertops are made from a combination of pure quartz and other materials like recycled glass, resin and various synthetic binders.  The finished product is an extremely smooth and attractive slab that is quite simple to maintain.  If you want, you might also receive a benchtop that’s cut from a single block of naturally occurring quartz.  The smooth surface of the material also inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, etc..

Stainless steel benchtops are popular in contemporary kitchens

They look extremely modern and complement the minimalistic design used in most modern kitchens.  Benchtops made of ceramic tiles are available as well.  They are relatively inexpensive and you get to create any pattern you desire.  However, tiles are comparatively brittle and are inclined to chip and break easily.  Moreover, food and other debris might get caught on the grout, which makes it hard to clean.

If you’re on an extremely tight budget, natural stone products might be too expensive.  If so, you could consider laminate benchtops in Melbourne.  They’re a favorite choice for low budget renovations and provide a minimal maintenance and versatile preparation surface.  These countertops are made using layers of synthetic materials that are pressed together under heavy pressure.  A high pressure laminate benchtop should be able to withstand most scratches and cuts.

By going through the several alternatives available to you, you’ll be able to choose a good benchtop for your kitchen in Melbourne.  Make sure the one that you choose goes nicely with the rest of the room to provide a uniform and appealing appearance.


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