How Can A Foreclosure Attorney Help You Save Your Home

Facing foreclosure is not a pleasant feeling for any homeowner, but it is the reality of many. Taking out a mortgage plus adding a second mortgage with your home as collateral is a norm for many Americans today. The struggle with making ends meet and paying interest fees and other financial dues on time are overwhelming which is why it is not a surprise that a lot of houses in the market being foreclosed upon.

There is no need for you to face this problem alone. In fact, there are lawyers who specialize in helping homeowners through the foreclosing process. With a foreclosure attorney value added to your case there is less trauma involved in the process. Here are some things an attorney can help you with:

Filing of the Notice of Appearance or NOA

A foreclosure lawyer will take on the responsibility of filing your NOA with your lender and the court. They will then become your official representative and receive all the information and paperwork related to your case to ease the burden of understanding legal jargon on your part.

Handle Summons and Complaints

In states that use a judicial foreclosure system the bank or lender files a lawsuit to start the foreclosure of your home. You will receive a summons and complaint which makes you the defendant in the filed lawsuit. An attorney can help you understand and even point out some errors in the summons and complaint. They are also responsible for answering and defending you against the foreclosure lawsuit filed against you.

Representation During Settlement Conferences

With a foreclosure attorney value as part of your defense team they can represent you during settlement conferences between you and your bank. Without the help of a lawyer you are required to attend these conferences with a court-appointed referee to discuss your case which can take time out of your work and personal life.

Knowledge in Foreclosure Defense Techniques

The foreclosure process can extend to over a year depending on the difficulty of the case and the parties involved. During this time your lawyer can give you advice about different defense strategies you can apply. Having this knowledge can help delay the foreclosure for years or up until they can file for a loan modification.

Loan Modification

The only permanent solution that allows a homeowner to keep their home even when the lender has filed for foreclosure is through loan modification. Although there are no fees needed to modify a loan it is very hard and technical to get one approved if you have no experience in these matters. An experienced foreclosure attorney has the know-how and experience to make this solution a possibility.

Making use of the foreclosure attorney value on your case can help save your home. It is worth investing in a lawyer with experience and expertise in this field, especially if your goal is to keep your home while at the same time keeping your stress during the process at a minimum. A good attorney will provide you with all the assistance you need and may even be able to save your home from foreclosure.

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