5 Ways Fake Trees Are Better Than Real Ones

Trees and plants in a home have been popular for a long time as decor. Adding touches of green to a room can really make a difference, bringing style and texture to any kind of room. More and more these days, people are turning to artificial trees to get the same results. If you are considering whether fake trees are the right option, we have some reasons you should choose them over real trees.

Lots of Options

One of the best things about artificial trees is that they come in all manner of options. This allows you to find the exact look that you want. If you have a more modern style to your home, you can find tree options that are shaped to fit that decor style. Artificial trees also come in wide color options that you may not find naturally.


Unlike real trees, artificial ones have less of a risk of catching fire. They are also safer for people who have pets, since some trees can be dangerous for pets to ingest. If you want to ensure that your home is safe while still enjoying the beauty of trees inside, then you should consider artificial trees.


Probably the best thing about artificial trees is that they require no more maintenance than a dusting every once in a while. Unlike real trees, which can need to be pruned, watered, and fertilized, these trees look great without all of that effort. You do not even have to worry about the trees losing their leaves in the fall or winter, so you can have any kind of tree you like with the guarantee that they will always look good.

No Mess

Real trees can drop leaves and have bark fall off, which can create a mess in your home. If you want to enjoy a beautiful tree without worrying about soil staining your floors or water spilling every time you water it, you will want to buy a fake tree. This is also important if you have pets, since they may mess with the dirt or scratch at the bark.

If you do not want to risk damage or stains to your floors or walls, a fake tree can be the best choice.

Place them Anywhere

When you have real trees, you have to worry about placing them near a window so that they can get the natural light they need. This can limit your decor options. With an artificial tree this is not a concern. You can get the exact look you want in a room. The same thing applies if you want to have tropical trees in your home. They will need a certain temperature range that you may not be able to provide, so they will not be healthy and may even die. You can avoid all of this with an artificial tree.

It is easy to see why people opt for fake trees instead of real ones. They are less of a hassle to take care of, requiring no watering or pruning, and they tend to be much safer especially in homes with pets. They look great throughout the entire year, too, which is perfect if you do not want to have empty branches in winter. A fake tree can provide all the beauy of a real tree without any of the issues, so it is an option to consider.

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